Full Instagram Marketing Strategy 2021

Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy: So today I’m going to give you a full breakdown of everything you need to do to get results on instagram in 2021. I’m going to cover my strategy for 2021, i’m going to go cover organic growth hashtags, influencer marketing and how to actually generate an income from this platform going into the big new year


Instagram is constantly evolving and it’s becoming more and more like facebook every single day and like many of you in my comment section have been talking about it is becoming harder and harder for smaller creators to get noticed on the platform. But i’m going to show you some ways around that…

how you can beat that and grow so make sure for this article, you take out a notepad and a pin so you can take some notes. And get the absolute most out of this


1- Your Content On Instagram

So the first thing that i’m going to talk about today is your content on instagram and this is arguably one of the most important parts that a lot of people sort of gloss over. They try and have average content and apply really good growth strategies to build their audience but you’re actually considerably better doing it the other way around where you put most of your effort into creating really great content.

And then even with average growth strategies you will see results because all the growth strategies in the world will not help you on instagram, if people find you from whatever strategy you’re using. They land on your account and then the content is subpar.

Now subpar is relevant to your nation ,your audience but at the end of the day just you need to be putting out really high quality stuff ,going into 2021 you need to focus on making your content as engaging as possible whilst also making it valuable to your target audience. In the past you could have done one or the other you could have made it engaging but kind of pointless and you’d see results.

we could have made it valuable and ugly and you would also be able to see results but with competition on the platform increasing year on year you really need to do the extra mile to stand out and see really good results. now when it comes to this what you want to do is you want to pick your specific niche that you are going to be trying to grow your audience in on instagram.

Understand who you are targeting that is inside that niche, so like who is your ideal follower that you want to get in front of. Then you need to make sure that every piece of content that you put out is going to serve that person. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a coach whether you are a business owner whether you are a comedian whether you are a model.

look at every single post before you put it out there, and think would this in some way shape or form help my audience and does it look

great? is it going to grab your attention?

or is it just going to be another random post ? that they see come up in their feed that they just scroll past. Now the majority of people that are having problems on instagram is because they are just failing to put out content that resonates with their target audience.

It might be because the design is really bad and ugly ,sorry to be harsh but often it’s the truth. Maybe they’re just behind what everyone else is doing but usually content is a problem if you are a coach start creating really good instagram reels going over micro topics in your niche. Start putting out infographics that some way shape or form serve your audience and teach them something.

2- Algorithm

Okay diving into number two and this is the algorithm and how it works,so first things first the algorithm doesn’t hate you, and chances are you are not shadowbanned. I’m so sick of hearing these two things that the algorithm has some sort of vengeance against them. And that Instagram shadow-banned them and whilst shadowbanned technically does exist in most cases.

It is not what you have in some cases, it definitely could be but regardless of if you have it or not it doesn’t really matter. Because you should be doing this all the time. Anyway regardless of if you’re trying to get out of the shadowbanned or just grow your engagement in general without one because if you’re seeing a constant decline in reach , chances are it’s not Instagram’s fault.

And here’s exactly what usually is happening instead and i just want to give a side note very occasionally, in certain specific examples Instagram might be restricting your reach especially if you are posting things that are outside their guidelines.

I made a video with 25 things that Instagram have publicly said that they restrict the reach so if you fall into that category, yes, Instagram could be restricting you but in many cases, it’s not. I’m going to talk about that now here’s what’s happening when your reach is dying.

Instagram Marketing StrategyYou go ahead and make a post if it’s a good post, people engage with it. they like it , they comment on it, they read through it. They tag their friends and Instagram realized hey this person here enjoys this person’s content,hence why they spent time on it and they engaged with it so next time they post i’m going to show them more of this content. Because it’s going to keep them on the platform longer but the next time you post, you post something subpar that’s just worse than your other content maybe it’s rushed maybe you didn’t have time, maybe you were just being a little bit lazy and therefore people just don’t engage with it as much.:

That indicates to Instagram that these people actually don’t like your content as much as they thought they did, and the people who didn’t engage with it clearly are not quite as interested as Instagram may have thought. Even though they showed that content to them. Now if you continue doing this posting content and someone is shown this piece of content and they don’t engage with it every single time that happens, Instagram realized that this person is less and less interested in your content.

And eventually, they just don’t see your content anymore because Instagram are instead showing this person content based on what they interact with. Because they’ve realized that people are actually slightly less interested in your account and this is quite a simplified version of the algorithm.

3- Hashtags

Okay moving on to phase three we’re going to talk about hashtags. Hashtags in 2020 have been a bit of a rollercoaster ride to be completely honest with you. They were working insane, then they dropped off then they came back of it and now they’re all over the show again.

Instagram removed them from the recent tab now they’re back but only kind of is a complete mess. My strategy with hashtags going into 2021 is to just use them as a passive source of growth and not to rely on them. I set them up once ,I have them pretty well done and then i just add them to my posts each time i post, and it is a nice bit of additional reach. And then every month or two I go through, I update things and just leave it at that that way. It takes out very little time and when they’re working, it gives me nice bit of additional reach.

When they’re not working it doesn’t really matter because i’m focused on other things which i’m going to talk about in this article.I’m going to cover a couple basics here number one is targeting and this is pretty straightforward but you want to make sure that you are using hashtags that are ultra specific to your content and to your account. The more specific they are the better because they’re going to just perform, better people are going to click through to your content when searching this hashtag.

And it’s just going to all round work the more relevant the better it’ll perform and the more targeted the followers you gain from these hashtags, which is going to help you a lot. The other thing you want to know is size, don’t go too big don’t go for the massive ones like hashtag fitness, hashtag business life, hashtag love like all of these massive ones. Use smaller more targeted ultra specific hashtags that you can trend on and bring people back to your profile.

4- Instagram Stories

Now moving on to number four and that is Instagram stories, now these are absolutely gold especially if you’re trying to turn your followers into true fans. And then true fans into customers. If you aren’t using your instagram stories to do this you’re missing out on an absolute goldmine. You should be using your stories as a way to communicate with your audience in a way that is not scripted and constantly perfected as you might do with your Instagram feed posts.

This way you can show your personality or show a bit more of a raw side of your brand whilst building true connections.

On top of this you should also be using your story to generate leads every single day and this can be a very natural progression and it’s not something you have to be super salesy. Now this is something that i go a bit more in depth ,you just want to be as engaging as possible, build a connection with your audience, show who you are. Interact with them, use stories, use polls ,use q and a’s use all of these different features that instagram roll out to connect with them and show them who you or your brand or your account really is all about. You can also use this to showcase your work, showcase your day what you’re thinking relevant news in your industry etc.

5- Dollars

Now moving on to number five this one is dollar, now if you have zero dollars to invest like literally zero dollars you need to invest a dollar already. you can use that income to then invest into paid strategies , Buy followers to increase the count of followers.

6- Monetize Your Instagram

Okay so moving on to the sixth part of this training Post about monetizing your instagram and turning your instagram into cold hard cash. This is something that a lot of people don’t do very well and it’s actually not that hard at the end of the day when set up right making an income from your Instagram is actually pretty straightforward pretty simple. You don’t need a whole bunch of fancy tips or tricks or tactics at the end of the day it’s just about growing the right audience, building trust with them and then having products that genuinely serve them.

I know that is easier said than done and takes a lot of time and effort but it’s not really that like difficult to understand keep your integrity and build raving fans who know, like and trust you and will happily buy from you. And get a ton of value when they do to the point where they’re going to come back. They’re going to tell their friends and so forth then with the right story promotions and positioning yourself as the go-to person in that niche.

7- Invest Into Influencers and ads

So to speak one of the best ways to scale your growth aside from investing into better content is to invest into influencers and ads to put your content in front of more of your ideal audience. Find people who have your target audience, pay them to promote your best content and you will gain highly targeted followers, turn these followers over time into customers and advocates for your brand and business.

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